Little Miss Bossy debuted in season 2 of The Mr. Men Show

Little Miss Bossy
Little Miss Bossy
Vital statistics
Title The most bossy Little Miss in all of Dillydale!
Gender Female
Shape Circle
Color Dark Blue
Friends Little Miss Chatterbox
Enimies everybody (except for Little Miss Chatterbox)
Voiced by Sophie Roberts
First Apperance Driving


Little Miss Bossy still looks like her initial book appearnce except her hat is now floating and the stem to her flower is missing.

Role on the ShowEdit

She seems to want everything her way and everyone to accept it. She seems to be based on military generals because her home and craft center resemble buildings in military base's.

She was seen in Next Door where she lives next to Mr. Rude and he parks his car in front of her home and she calls a towing service on him. Mr. Strong refuses to do it without his permission but Little Miss Whoops crushes his car with a truck by accident.


  • She is one of the many circular characters on the show.
  • She is one of the many blue characters on the show
  • She is one of the six characters to debut in season 2.
  • She is one of the four characters to still not appear on the Mr. Men Show website, the others being Mr. Tall, Mr. Funny, and Little Miss Curious