Little Miss Fun has only appeared on Mr. Men Show merchandise such as books and dvd's.

Book Edit

Little Miss Fun has invited her friends to her party. There were Mr. Clumsy, Mr. Funny, Mr. Lazy, and Mr. Tall. Mr. Forgetful stays home and has forgotten about the party. Miss Fun says "never mind" and starts the party without him. As she plays the music, she asks Mr. Clumsy to dance with her, but he stands on her right foot. When she asks Mr. Lazy to dance with her, he falls asleep on her. Then she makes everybody dance, leading everybody out to the garden, but all the flowers are trampled. Then she plays Simon Says. She says "Simon says... put your feet in the air!" Mr. Tall's shoe smashes her window. Then she pretends to be a clown, but nobody laughs. They are all asleep. She says "never mind!" and carries on pretending to be a clown. At the end of the book, the narrator states that she was pretending for the reader at home and thinks you won't be asleep yet... but you will be soon.

Little Miss Fun
Little Miss Fun
Vital statistics
Title Only appears on merchandise
Gender Female
Shape cirlce
Color Peach
Friends  ?????
Enimies  ?????
Voiced by Nobody
First Apperance On the back of Mr. Men Show merchandise


She still looks the same, the only exception is her hair has changed a bit.


  • She is so far the only Little Miss or Mr. Man to appear on the back of merchandise but not on the show.
  • She has only been seen in one pose. Interestingly it is the same Mr. Happy is seen on his background on the Mr. Men Show website.