Little Miss Giggles debuted in season 2 of The Mr. Men Show She is a dark blue circle with a yellow nose, freckles, red hair and yellow hair ties.

Little Miss Giggles
Little Miss Giggles
Vital statistics
Title She just can't stop laughing!
Gender Female
Shape Circle
Color Dark Blue
Friends Mr. Funny
Enimies Mr. Rude, Little Miss Scary
Voiced by Reba West
First Apperance Picnics


Little Miss Giggles hasn't changed much from her initial book design. She seems to have gotten colored darker and gained freckles.

Role on the ShowEdit

Little Miss Giggles (along with Mr. Funny) was the first new Little Miss or Mr. Man to appear on the show, her first appearance was in the first episode of season two Picnics.

Mr. Funny and her were having a picnic but got interupted by bunny rabbits. She laughed the entire skit while Mr. Funny attempted to avoid the bunnies. He eventually suceeded by tying ballons to the ends of the blanket they were sitting on and they floated about three feet in the air where the bunnies couldn't reach.


  • She is one of the many blue characters on the show
  • She is the second most vocal new character on the show, only being beaten by Little Miss Magic.
  • She is on of the two new characters to be on the Mr. Men Show webiste and intro, the other being Little Miss Magic.
  • She is one of the six characters to debut in season 2.
  • She is one of the many characters on the show who's shape is a circle.


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