Mr. Funny debuted in season 2 of The Mr. Men Show. He is a dark dark circle with a bent hat, red shoes, and a bow tie.

(Only Season 2)

Mr. Funny
Mr. Funny
Vital statistics
Title The funniest Mr. Man in all of Dillydale!
Gender Male
Shape Oval/circle
Color Light Green
Friends Little Miss Giggles, Little Miss Sunshine
Enimies Little Miss Scary
Voiced by Does not speak
First Apperance Picnics


Mr. Funny is green. He has a red nose. He wears a yellow hat with a blue band a bow tie with red dots and white and red shows.

Role on the ShowEdit

Mr. Funny


  • Mr. Funny


Mr. Funny lives in a teapot. One day after lunch, Mr. Funny drives his shoe car to the zoo, which is closed because all the animals all have colds. Mr. Funny wants to cheer them up and the zookeeper opens the gate. The first animal Mr. Funny sees is an elephant. Mr. Funny pulls a funny face and the elephant laughs so hard she nearly laughs her trunk off. Then he sees a lion. He makes funny faces at the lion who roars with laughter. He laughs so hard he nearly laughs his whiskers to pieces. Then Mr. Funny pulls funnier faces at many other animals. The big brown bear nearly laughs his fur off. And the giraffe nearly laughs her neck into a knot. And the hippopotamus nearly laughs himself out of his skin. And the penguins nearly laughs their flippers floppy. And the leopard nearly laughs his spots off! The zookeeper giggles and thanks Mr. Funny for cheering up the animals. And Mr. Funny drives home in his shoe. At home, he feels thirsty so he goes inside and makes himself a nice hot cup of cake!