Mr. Fussy is called Mr. Persnickety in season 1.


Mr. Fussy is fussy about everything. Absolutely everything has to be neat and tidy and in its proper place. One morning at breakfast, he separates the bird from the marmalade. Then he goes to his garden and straightens all the blades of grass in his lawn. That evening, Mr. Fussy hears a crash outside. He hurries outside and sees his untidy long-lost cousin from Australia, Mr. Clumsy, who's ripped off the garden gate. He falls down on the lawn and flattens the straight grass. Inside, he trips and knocks down a chair. Later, he breaks a dinner plate. Next morning, when Mr. Fussy goes to the bathroom, there's a clumsy mess. Mr. Fussy makes it neat and tidy. Then Mr. Clumsy cooks broken fried eggs for breakfast. He trips and tosses the eggs to Mr. Fussy. After a week, Mr. Fussy's house is a mess. But after two weeks, Mr. Clumsy leaves the house and says goodbye. Later on, there is a crash outside, and it's not Mr. Clumsy this time. Mr. Fussy sees someone who can't help having accidents: Mr. Bump.