Mr. Happy is the most generic looking Mr. Man. He is a yellow circle with a plain smiley face.


Mr. Happy lives in the land of Happyland, a land where everyone is always happy. His home is a small cottage beside a lake, at the foot of a mountain, and close to the woods. One day, while Mr. Happy is walking in the woods near his home, he sees a small yellow door on a tree. Inside the door are some stairs going round and down and round and down. At the bottom of the stairs, Mr. Happy sees a red door. He opens it and sees a person who looks a lot like Mr. Happy, only he is miserable and his name is Mr. Miserable. Mr. Happy leads Mr. Miserable out of the door, up the stairs, and out of the yellow door, and into Mr. Happy's cottage. Then he stops being so miserable, and his mouth starts to slowly turn up at the corners, and then he smiles, and then giggles, and then laughs out loud. Mr. Happy is surprised to see him laughing that he starts to laugh along. They go outside still laughing, and everybody sees them and starts laughing as well, even the birds. At the end of the story, the narrator asks the reader to turn up at the corners of your mouth if you were miserable like Mr. Miserable.

Mr. Happy
Mr. Happy
Vital statistics
Title The Happiest Mr Man alive!
Gender Male
Shape Circle
Color Yellow
Friends Everybody
Enimies Nobody
Voiced by  ????
First Apperance Physical